Kumawood Actress, Gloria Kani Exposes Brother Sammy And Ohemaa Jacky

Loud mouth Kumawood actress, Gloria Kani has allerged that, gospel musician Brother Sammy and Ohemaa Jacky. Have done series of abortions secretly together.

Per the look of things, it appears that Gloria and Jacky are not in good terms. Hence making dirty revelations about her and Brother Sammy.

According to the actress turned evangelist, Ohemaa Jacky has had several abortions with Brother Sammy while in a relationship.

Also said that, Ohemaa Jacky claim to be a gospel musician yet she practices black magic popularly called (Juju). And she was recently caught at a shrine.

Though, Gloria Kani has been in news and trending.  After making this wild allegation against Brother Sammy and Ohemaa Jacky.

Well, Let’s see what happens next if Brother Sammy and Ohemaa Jacky will react to this allegation. By the Kumawood actress, Gloria Kani.



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