Teephlow Releases The Official Tracklist Of Phlowducation 2 Project

Rapper, Teephlow has released out tracklists of Phlowdication 2.

After announcing the 2nd face of Phlowducation, Teephlow has now let out the official tracklist of the album. Which is expected to drop immediately.

Phlowducation 2 is the second studio album from Teephlow.

He packed great artists on this particular project.

The rapper has revealed his excitement. And how proud he is to present the official tracklist of his project.

According to him, regardless of all obstacles faced from 2019. When the decision was made to date.

His excitement has been nothing but glorious. And today in he is proud to
present the official tracklist for this lovely project.
This is project is the journey and story of Teephlow.


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