Afia Schwar Warns Nana Tornado To Leave Her Children Alone Else…

The popular rivals have started and strengthened their beef over the weekend.

Afia Schwar and Tornado who have been at each other for years are in the mud again as Tornado celebrated his birthday on Saturday, September 3rd 2022.


The mother of two has dropped a self-made video of herself on IG to strongly warn Nana Tornado to keep her children’s names out of his filthy mouth.

Afia Schwar said Nana Tornado should be the last person to talk ill about her kids because he can’t even take care of his only child.

She continued to reveal how Nana Tornado has ignored his child because he’s broke and can’t even provide a 3-square meal for himself.

She proudly flaunted the bedrooms of her biological kids and the ones she has adopted in a new video and further dared Tornado to do the same if he’s as rich as he claims to be.


Afia Schwar warned Nana Tornado to stay away from his kids and put an immediate end to the gay and dondonlogy accusations else, he will beg for mercy from her in the coming days.



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