Ghanaian soul artist, Cina Soul has expressed her viewpoint on explicit contents in music videos.

The object of KiDi’s affection dropped this controversial standpoint on the entertainment talk show ‘JukeBox’ hosted by Nana Adwoa Annan on Atinka TV. Cina Soul made this submission while answering a question on whether it’s good to go nude in music videos.

Cina Soul believes humans were once naked and that going nude in music videos should be allowed. She said;

“Our visual is one way of experimenting with different characters; one minute I am a character in this video and in the other video I will like to wear this and the other I may want to cover up it… depends on the visuals.

“I’m a pro-choice person. There is nothing wrong with people going nude in their music videos…People once walked naked, our ancestors used to tie their clothes around their bodies and walk around …there is no difference, “Cina Soul told Nana Adwoa Annan.

The former Vodafone Ghana Music Icons participant further added, “If they want to go nude on TV let them do it … it’s their money, it’s their video… we should just allow them to do whatever they want to do since it doesn’t hurt anyone’s pocket”.