At Some Point I Wanted To Kill My Kids And Myself Because Of Troubles – Gospel Musician


Gospel musician, known as Ewura Bena has revealed that at a point in time she decided to take the lives of her kids and also her life.

The singer disclosed why she had thoughts of committing murder years ago.

According to her, she made the conclusion on such thoughts because she was going through troubles then which she could do nothing about it.

The songstress said, At some point, I contemplated suicide. I wanted to take my life, and my two kids as well, so no one mistreats them,  she recounted.

Ewura Bena, who is a Ghanaian gospel singer is known for her hit song “Agye Menkwa”. The song features music producer/ engineer Nacee.

Furthermore, she alluded to distress in life, as the reason for the aforementioned suicide and murder thoughts.

Seriously, there are times you don”t want to see the next day because your debtor will come for their money.

“You don’t know where you and your children’s meals will come from. I’m talking and I’m saying all of these from experiences,” she shared.

She said in an interview on Onua FM’s Anigye Mmere entertainment and lifestyle show Thursday, October 27, 2022.

She advised people who are going through life troubles, not to take their life because God is able and can turn things around.

“Listen to people’s testimony and encourage yourself. If God can do it for others, he’ll do it for you. It’s difficult, let nobody deceive you that it’s easy. But don’t kill yourself, because suicide is not an option.

“And then, I look at myself today and say I would have missed a lot because I love this peace I have. I don’t have everything, yet I have his peace knowing that God will take care of his own,” she concluded.

Ewura Abena is out with a new single dubbed ‘This far’. The beautiful melodious song has a blend of highlife and afrobeat in there.



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