Ayisha Modi Shares Bedroom Photo, Says Happiness Doesn’t Bring Gratitude

Ghana’s loudest socialite and unofficial PRO for Stonebwoy,  Ayisha Modi has shared an unclothed photo of herself on social media.

In the risqué photo sighted, Ayisha Modi laid on the bed bare amid flaunting her ‘Rose Flower designed’ tattoo to the camera.

Ayisha Modi shared the picture supplemented by a very nice inscription. Captioning her photo, Ayisha Modi educated her fans on gratitude.

According to the “Beef Queen”, If anyone wants to find happiness, then they should find Gratitude.

She adds that it’s not happiness that brings us gratitude rather it is gratitude that brings us happiness.


If you want to find happiness, find Gratitude . It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness. Real happiness lies…. Not in money , Fame or success…. It lies in your “Gratitude “… But this is very serious ooo How can a whole family be this ungrateful? Arrrrrr life! Boi . I fear for their generations mpo. Never seen such a family ever since I was born . Human beings are fuckin oo. May Allah forgives us all! You are doing ur maker not me.


Photo below: