Lord Paper has disclosed in his recent interview that Bosom P-Yung’s manager told him that Bosom is going through Depression.

The “Asabone” singer’s disclosure of Bosom P-Yung’s manager telling him about Bosom’s depression comes, in a response to why the latter’s verse deleted from his song without his permission.

Recall it, The two were embroiled in a major brawl at Kikibees. This came after Bosom P-Yung vented his displeasure on social media about Lord Paper’s decision to remove his verse. From his sons without his permission.

After Bosom P-Yung and his crew invaded Kikibees to confront Lord Paper, who had rejected him. And selected Mr. Drew for the song, What appeared to be a social media feud moved to the next level.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM’s drive time show with Abeiku Santana, Lord Paper stated. Bosom’s management informed him that the singer is currently under depression for reasons he does not know about.

He stated that the manager said that Bosom’s productivity has been low. And that he has lost bars, which might be one of the causes