Actress and model, Andrea Owusu, well known as Efia Odo, has depicted how she’s looking for someone to come and be the owner of her heart.

The controversial actress with the American accent has appeared to be tired of being single or perhaps she needs a new sweetheart who can take good care of her.

Efia Odo asked on social media if someone can come for her heart since she doesn’t need it anymore. Her assertion is weird as to why one would say they don’t need their heart anymore.

Taking to her Twitter handle, she stated, Can someone please come for my heart, I don’t want it anymore.

Her followers reacted to her tweet with one guy seriously said, I have waited for years and months for this day. I love you Efia and I am ready to take care of your heart. I will treat it like an egg and handle it with no blemish. This is me, Kwame Odo, you day 1 crush

See her post below: