Companies Stopped Working With Me When I Stopped Tw3rking – Akuapem Poloo


Akuapem Poloo has disclosed that she suffered a getting a job after she stopped tw3rking on social media.

She says that her decision to stop tw3rking online cost her a lot of money. Because businesses stopped booking her to promote their products.

The dancer and social media influencer, in an interview with Graphic. Showbiz, stated that she has changed her ways and has decided to tread a good path.

“For the previous five years, whatever I did or said made headlines in the community. But I’ve kept a low profile for a year now on purpose. No more tw3rking or showing off the body. That was in the past; the new me no longer behaves in that way“.

“I have been able to avoid difficulties, which is benefiting me greatly. I used to be paid by individuals to promote their songs or items for them. And I would twerk to promote whatever it was. But I’ve pledged never to do that again.”

Akuapem Poloo is more in the spirit of shaking off her backside on social media for money.


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