Award-winning Ghanaian gospel artiste Evangelist Diana Asamoah worshiped with Patapaa as they performed together.

The Pentecost “Sore Ndwom” hitmaker shared a video she performed with Ghanaian artiste Justice Amoah famed as Patapaa on one stage.

Watching the video, it could be seen the two artistes had been taken by the spirit of God as they worship together. After sharing the video she has been condemned for performing with a secular artiste.

However, she said was working with the greatest commandment in the Bible. Which is to love one another so she was the least perturbed about what people were saying.

In reacting to the backlash she was receiving from the Christians,  Diana Asamoah shared a snippet of the video again.

Many fans and followers of the Tetelesta singer took to the comment section to support the singer and speak against being judgemental.

One fan wrote: I know God loves us all; especially me the sinner and u know what @thedianaasamoah . I don’t care about what people say or do … the love I have for God greater than anything in the world. Please don’t mind anyone or what they say, God knows our hearts. Peace”

Another fan also wrote: “Eii one corner
We Love To See this”

It would be remembered that Evangelist Diana Asamoah was seen on stage. With Patapaa as they performed their renditions of popular local gospel songs at the birthday party of Hon. Maame Konadu in Agona Swedru.