Content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has fired and warned. Twitter influencer, Kaly Jay for thinking he is in competition with him and trying to disrespect him.

He stated that its funny how KalyJay thinks he is in competition with him and tries to hurt the feelings of him.

According to him, he should calm down and host his Twitter space but should never disrespect him. Because what he is doing now, he’s done it before and still doing it better than him. (KalyJay).

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Kwadwo Sheldon jabbed KalyJay and warned him not to try and disdain his integrity.

On Twitter, he wrote, Lmao for some funny reasons he thinks he’s a competition.. no you are not and you will never .. so calm down and host your twitter space .. I’m happy for you but don’t ever disrespect don dingo cos what you are doing now, I done did it and still doing it.. even better


See his post below: