Efia Odo has announced that she needs house help, who will do certain jobs for her in the house.

She had earlier on complained that her second house help stole from her when she paid her well. Annd bought things the house help needed. Efia has told that she looking for a new house help who is a boy..

“I used to wonder why people were mean to house helps till my own started stealing from me. I payed her bi weekly, bought groceries for her whenever I bought groceries for myself, and even used to give her kids some of my shoes and clothes. 2nd house help that did this to me, smh!”

On her Twitter handle, she tweeted that she needs house help, someone who can be her helping hand in her home.


In a jiffy, she announced that she is looking for a house boy, her fans and followers reacted. and almost every guy wants to work for her as a house boy. Some say that they will do the house boy job for free without taking payment.