FRIMPRINCE Gives Back Diana Asamoah’s Social Media Pages

Diana Asamoah


Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, the CEO of Primprince Music Productions and former manager of Diana Asamoah, has given back his artiste’s Facebook page back after backlash.

In an interview on Peace FM with Akwasi Aboagye, Frimprince said that he has grated his position on the matter, due to respectable people in the industry.

According to him, he will now let the gospel musician have access to her Facebook, YouTube and Instagram account.

“A lot of high-profile people have spoken to me. I know even your panelists will say I should consider my stance on that. Due to the advice I’ve had on that, I will give her access to the Facebook page,” he said.

Asked if there were other social media accounts he has seized from Diana, he answered in the affirmative but promised to let her have access to the other platforms, too.

“I also have access to her website, YouTube and Instagram pages. But I’ll give her access to all of them,” he added.

However, he also said that he failed by claiming absolute ownership of all the songs in the termination letter. He admitted that Diana and the composer of the songs would also have rights to the songs.

The two worked together for 22 years and produced songs such as ‘Mabo Wo Din’, ‘Akoko Abon’, ‘M’adansidie’, ‘Pentecost Gya’, among others.









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