Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has been advised on the steps to take concerning his family issue.

In a post Funny Face shared on Instagram, he was advised by another that he should do a DNA test to confirm if he is the biological father of his kids.

According to the post, Funny Face is young. If he will take the advice help him. Get a DNA test of all the kids if you’re a paternity biological father, if yes, you and your lawyer has to take it to court for custody where you too can see your kids. (Because there might be a chance the kids might not be yours that’s why she’s doing that). It happens a lot so the better you realize early, the faster you save yourself.

Funny Face has not set eyes on his kids who are with their mother in Kumasi for some time now.

In other news, Funny Face had recently tried third suicide. But he was saved by two military men.

Before the suicide, he was on his way to Kumasi to see the kids. However, he was crossed by an articulator that nearly took his life. But he swerved it, according to him.


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