Married adviser and counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has advised married women to give their partners more se.x. Because it drives them to work harder and sustain the family with the money they bring home.


The celebrity life coach made this submission in a studio discussion on Atinka FM’s morning show, AM Drive. While expressing her opinion on the recent spate of spousal killings that have engulfed the country.

When asked if it is right for women to deny their husbands se.x due to poverty or lack of financial security in the marriage. she said women should rather be supportive and not focus on just money in marriages

“Women should not focus on the money the men do not have. The man does not have money, he is already hot. What will make him relax is a woman who has sense and patience. And encourages him that things will not be the same till the end.”

She continued that,” Women should know that it is not every day that the man will get money. It is not everything you want that you will get. Let us stand as women, what are you also doing to help the man?”

She further added; ”If the man is hardworking and forceful but because of something, things are not going on well. You need to support him as a woman, encourage him because that will make him bounce back.

“If he comes and he wants se.x, what is it that you are denying him of? Is it because he does not have money?. Must he pay you before he gets sex from you? A married woman? No!.”

The Counselor also said, “Se.x is the time for the man to release stress; you have to comfort him and encourage him and pray for hope in his life.”

“Let us learn to speak well to our husbands as women and when things go well, we will be the ones to enjoy it.