Greedy “Bofrot” – Angry Afia Odo Calls Akufo Addo

Afia Odo calls the president a greedy “Bofrot”.

The Ghanaian socialite and actress, Odo Afia will never stop expressing her disappointment towards Akufo Addo’s government.

Though people criticise her for bad dressing, she won’t stop letting the public know how dissatisfied she is with the current Government.

Afia Odo has lashed the president once again.

She says the president must be blamed for the current crisis in the economy country is going through.

Last Sunday, the president made a state address, he broadcasted a video. Afia Odo tweeted under the video calling the president names.

According to her, the president is the cause of all the chaos in the country because of his greediness.

Below is her post:


During the president’s spoke, he outlined his administration’s strategies for the revival of the economy.

The current economic crisis hit, and Ghanaians are feeling the heat.  It does not pass the evidence from the local currency devaluation, and rising inflation.

However, the president repeated his positiveness that the conclusion of the government’s negotiation with IMF would aid the economy to be great again.

He also advised that importing of goods should reduce and maintain the 30% pay reduction of public servants as strategies to stimulate the economy.


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