Trap artiste, Bosom Pyung has thrown a subtle shade to some of his colleagues saying rebranding shouldn’t be about hair dying.


Bosom Pyung who seems to have a problem with someone tweeted saying hair dye shouldn’t be the only tool for rebranding. But your sound must be different too. And that is something most of the artists lack in the industry.

This post of his seems to be directed at someone. And a fan who thinks so replied asking whether he has a problem with someone that he’s saying rebranding shouldn’t only be about hair dye. But also your sound must different.


No matter who this subtle shade is for, Bosom Pyung said something that most people haven’t noticed. And are scared of saying because their favorites fall under it as most of our artists rebrand themselves by changing their hairstyle and nothing more.

We’ve seen a couple of male artists who claim their rebranding themselves only for them to either change their hairstyle or just dye it without doing anything about their sounds and try to make it sound a little different from the old ones.