Ghanaian singer, Patapaa is still not happy with Sarkodie for using his name in a rap verse. He has punched him again.


Sarkodie who featured on Y Pee’s ‘Meye Guy’ remix released in 2018, dropped a line to say that Patapaa would have come to perform at. His funeral if he had not made it in life.

According to the Pataapa, that line is disrespectful to him. And since then other rappers have been doing similarly using his name.

During an interview on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana, the ‘One Corner’ singer insisted that the lyrics are disrespectful to him though. Abeiku Santana suggested to him that his colleague rapper used his name as a metaphor and not necessarily to disrespect him.

However, Patapaa refused to accept such an explanation, saying “then he could have used his wife to rhyme, not me”. In a heated moment, as Abeiku Santana tried to calm him down, he added that “you see the guy no get the sense”.