A lady known as Nana Adwoa has declined to marry her boyfriend for one shocking reason.

According to Nana Adwoa, the manhood of his boyfriend whom she said he’s called Emma, is too big for her hence her decision to turn down his marriage proposal.

In her narrative, she met Emma through a friend, and after talking on the phone for some time, they met in person at last.

She admitted that the guy is the type of man she envisages being with but after discovering that his huge “p*is”. She can no longer continue with the relationship, therefore, his intention to get married to her will not happen.

Nana Adwoa lamented that she struggles anytime she has an encounter with him due to her boyfriend’s big p*nis. It hurts her during penetration.

The boyfriend on the hands is also insisting that if Nana Adwoa is not going to marry him, then she has to refund any money he’s spent on her in their relationship. But Nana Adwoa declined says she has nothing to offer him as compensation.