Credit cards for frequent flyers are a novel option for shoppers to reimburse themselves as they invest money.

There is, though, a significant cost associated with spending when collecting returns on airline mileage credit card accounts at an average of 16.99 percent.

When borrowers seek new methods of debt management, the eventual search for a low-interest balance conversion continues.

Innovative firms like E*TRADE FINANCIAL are making it easy for customers to switch their accounts to a low-interest card while maintaining their chance to receive discounts on their preferred card.

Rather than a one-time balance transfer, the E*TRADE Mileage Maximizer Account is an electronic balance transfer scheme that enables consumers to transfer their balances from higher-interest credit cards to lower-interest credit cards on a monthly basis.

These low-interest credit options allow borrowers to pay less interest on their accounts, opening the way for better debt management.

Therefore, enjoy the airline mileage credit card points you earn—take the flight, upgrade your cabin, or donate the miles to charity.

However, be prudent—do not compensate for such incentives with an exorbitant interest rate and keep your balances low.