Husband Files For Divorce After His Wife Slept With Judge For His Freedom

heartbroken woman has plunged into depression following her husband’s decision to file for divorce. Despite going to extra lengths to get him released from prison.

According to the distraught woman, her husband was convicted by a judge who slapped him. With a huge fine to secure his freedom or in default spends time in jail.

When she was not able to raise the amount, her husband was sentenced to a 30-year term in prison by the presiding judge.

She said that she pleaded with the judge to temper justice with mercy. But he proposed to sleep with her in exchange for her husband’s release.

With the fear of raising children without a father, she gave in to the judge’s request and, as promised, her husband was immediately released.

In a self-recorded video, the woman who looked very sober said her husband has started the process of divorcing her. After she opened up about what she did to meet his release requirements.


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