I Have Angels, They Have Made Me Brave – Oboy Siki Claims

Oboy Siki

Controversial actor and social commentator Nana Ofori Agyemang says he also has angels he works with throughout his life.

“I have angels protecting me, they’ve made me brave”, Oboy Siki claimed

Speaking on Ghanaman TV on the show “Ka Na Wu” while reacting to Rev Owusu Bempah’s claim that he used to play with Angels during his childhood, Oboy Siki affirmed the statement saying it is true and that it was made for the wise to understand.

According to him, he also experienced something similar in his childhood and ended up getting an Angel who gave him the gift of bravery.

“The fact is that Rev Owusu Bempah made his statement for the wise because what he said is not a mere saying and people may take the advantage to dispute him so if you don’t understand, don’t talk about it”, Oboy Siki told Nana Yeboah the host of the show.

The actor further revealed that there are a lot of people who experienced similar instances like playing with Angels, and those people were supposed to take on the work of God as they grew but did not.

“What I witnessed during my childhood was something they call Angels. There is a good one and evil that always followed you. But the Angel who followed me gave me the power of bravery. They only gave me the power of bravery. They didn’t make me a coward so I don’t fear anything on this earth”, Oboy Siki narrated.


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