Most talented rapper, Kenneth Kyeremateng, better known in showbiz as Kwame Yogot has talked about his beginning in music.

Kwame Yogot shared his story of how hard life treated him before fame.

While In an interview with Abeiku Santana on United Television’s episode of United Showbiz, the rapper. Who terms himself as the “Rap comedian”, revealed the difficult moment he faced in life.

According to him, I began at Adom Kasahari in 2008, I went there and met Dr Duncan, at the time I was there before Prekese Came and Pope Skinny also came. I was working but things were not moving so I went back to my hometown at Assin Bereku in the Central Region…I lived in Accra for years but life wasn’t picking. I had been doing music but it was not picking. No one was seeing me, the breakthrough hadn’t come.

Abeiku Santana asked if he didn’t have the vibes or anything.

He replied and said, the vibe was there, people felt Kwame Yogot. They had not heard of me that much, I had not come out. The help was nowhere.

The host asked if the name was the cause…He said the name was not the cause but there was no help.

He proceeded, So I went back to my hometown and opened a ” Beer Bar” and stayed there for a while.

He revealed, before that, he travelled to Konongo and stayed there for sometime.

Before that, I went to Konongo and stayed there for sometime” there too, was not working so I packed my things and moved to my hometown.

Moreover, Kwame Yogot explained how he got signed to a record label. Watch the full video below: