Ghanaian rapper, Kwaku Darlington has revealed the struggles he went through when he came to Accra to make life.

Speaking on United Showbiz with Abeiku Santana on United Television, the rapper disclosed how hard he struggled. When he came from Kumasi to Accra to make a good life.

He said life was difficult for him when he arrived in Accra at the beginning. He shared how life and music started for him.

According to him, It started for me, I took it seriously right after S.H.S. That was in 2015 when I came back home to Kumasi, when I came things were not easy like that. So I had to come to Accra,,, at that time I was coming to Accra, I didn’t know anyone but then I need to come to Accra and struggle for myself.

So I came to Accra, when I came I was at the VIP station, that’s where slept so when I wake up in the morning I go out to hustle.

While he was sharing his story, it amazed Abeiku Santana, and he asked; Do You sleep at VIP station?

Kwaku Darlington said, Yes’ and continued, the time I came to Accra I didn’t know anyone. But as you’re born a man. Because when I completed school, my father was at the University at that time so there was a lot of pressure on him. My three siblings, one was at S.H.S, two were at Creche. So there was a lot of pressure so I had to do something.

He further said that he went to stay with a mallam but he didn’t know.

At the last, I went to live with a mallam, I didn’t know, I needed somewhere to sleep. I was hungry so I met him and asked if I would get something to eat then he asked me what’s the problem. I explained to him, and he said we should go home so when I went to the house, all of them were Mallam. But they were good people, they don’t mind that they would give me a bottle of water and drink sachet water. There were treating me very well, he said.