I Will Pay Your Groom Price If You Accept To Marry Me In My Shrine – Fetish Priestess Tells Any Man Interested

This appears to indicate that unmarried fetish priestess are suffering to settle down due their nature of works and their spiritual backgrounds.

A Nigerian priestess has revealed that she is available and all bachelors aiming to marry this December will enjoy all the benefits if any accepts to marry her and make her his wife

Well, the only condition for their union is that the man must agree to marry her in her shine which includes a water body. The priestess who is identified on Facebook as Amarachi, said she’ll take care of all the financial obligations of the marriage and thereafter.

Invariably, she intimated that she’s willing to pay the groom’s price and sponsor the wedding if only he agrees to get married to her in her domain.

Amarachi wrote;

If you are A guy Looking for a Wife to marry this December and u don’t have money,

Well worry no more because I got your back ..

I will pay ur groom price and everything all u have to do is To accept to Marry me in my Shrine..

Our wedding will hold in the Shrine and inside water…

Na me be that fine girl wey don sell her soul to the Devil 👿 with pride 😂😂😂


In another development, a JHS has boldly disclosed that her teacher has been chopping her secretly.

The girl passionately revealed her ʂɛҳųąƖ encounter with the unnamed teacher and says when it comes to their ‘bed games’ she assumes the role of a teacher as the man is deficient in all aspects.

The video was captured by a group of men who were excited about all that she was saying, including the cunnilingus section of their wild adventure which has gone undetected all this while until she herself spilled the beans.

It’s really shocking that a girl of her age is well versed in ʂɛҳųąƖ activities depicted in all the things she said.

Watch below;