Most decorated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie does not think that his rise to fame in his music career was the support of Ghanaians.
It was his hard work and will continue to work regardless of the support from Ghanaians.

According to him, he would not rule if he banked the support of Ghanaians but believes he worked hard.

Speaking in an interview One Play Africa, Sarkodie asserted that he would still make it even if Ghanaians had not given him support because he was ready for it.

“When people say it is Ghanaians who made me who you are, I don’t deny it. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t have quit either.

I do this not because I get all the support. There are a lot of people who do not support me or like what I do. When Ghanaians say they have been supporting for 10 years, it is not.”

Sarkodie added that his career would have crashed if he had paid attention to the naysayers who wrote him off by criticizing whatever he did harshly.

According to him, most of his colleagues were not able to handle the pressure which is why their respective careers grounded to a premature halt.

The Sarkcess CEO said he is a very determined person who does not ride or derive his energy from the support of Ghanaians. He has an inherent drive to see himself aspire and work to attain greater heights which is why he is still relevant for over a decade.




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