Rapper Cabum appears to be unhappy this time around with God. He said he is kidnapping Jesus Christ if he doesn’t show his powers and bless him.

As desperate, as he is, he didn’t hesitate to bring out his emotions to the public. The rapper who has been quiet in the music industry this year comes across as not comfortable with how unfairly the industry deals with him. However, he wants God to show His powers.

Cabum, who has been doing music for close two decades now, has been finding it too difficult to get a hit song. As some young Kumerican rappers, who recently popped up in the music have.

He took to social media to pour out his desperation. Where he Said God should pour His blessing on him else he will abduct Jesus Christ.

He made his post with angry emoji. Which shows he is so furious.

This time around if God doesn’t show His krakye powers and throw more blessings on me, I’m kidnapping Jesus Christ.😡 Are u with me? #CarterFly

Cabum’s post came after young Kumerican rappers like Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick, Kofi Jamar, and Amerado flew to the United Kingdom to perform at Ghana Party In The Park. He probably wishes he was part of them since he’s been in the music industry for extremely long.