Trap music artiste, Bosom P-Yung has hit his colleague, Kweku Smoke to call him if he has issues with him.

P-Yung has warned Kweku Smoke not to put issues he has with him in songs. But he should call him if there’s anything wrong.

Bosom P-Yung who is a hype person to Kweku Smoke both on stage and in songs. Probably, have smelled that his colleague has problems with him, however, he’s kept it in him. And plopping it in songs.

Well, he has taken to a popular social media, Twitter to let it out if Kweku Smoke cannot call him and talk to him about any wrongdoing.

In his Twitter post, Bosom P-Yung also called Kweku Smoke a coward for his unable to call him and let him know.

Below is the post;