I’m Not Sleeping For 3 Years, Fameye Says After Legendary Amakye Dede Called Him

High Life artiste, Fameye tells the story of how a legendary Amakye Dede called and praised him for his performance.

The “Notin I Get” hitmaker explains that legendary high life musician, Amakye Dede placed a call on him after his live band performance last night at TV3 Music Music so he’s not sleeping for three years.

According to him, for a legend of his calbre to placed a call and praised him for his lve band performance live on TV is a blessing.

Fameye revealed he told him straight that his performance at the night on Tv3 music music is giving him(Amakye Dede) a goosebumps and that he is a good artiste and a good live band performer.

However, Fameye says he’s going to meet Amakye Dede and he can’t wait to have a close relationship with the legend.

H33333 God keep blessing me
So just now got a call from Amakye Dede i mean legendary Amakye Dede and he told me straight that my performance tonight on Tv3 music music is giving him goosebumps and that I’m a good artist and a good live band performer see I’m not sleeping for 3years 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 because I’m meeting him ⭐️💡💡#praise

Fameye is one artist who appreciates anything the comes his way. He was recently much happier after Wizkid followed him on Instagram.

Source: thefiifi.com