She is amazed at how people insult her with her natural beauty.

Broadcast Journalist Serwaa Amihere is shocked how people find reasons to abuse her with her natural glamour.
As gorgeous as she is, the TV presenter does not understand why people insult her though she is beautiful and dresses decently yet she get people to outrage her.

Serwaa believes in her beauty, and she expects that no one will insult her with the God given elegance but it looks like it is not feasible. We are in this part of the world where whatever or whoever you are people will still hurt your feelings.

The beautiful Serwaa shared her sentiment of how people still abuse or insult her with her natural glamour. She also wants Ghanaians to believe that she has not enhanced with any bleaching cream but it is natural from God.

Using her Twitter handle, she wrote:

How some people try to insult me with my God-given beauty amazes me. Me naa my beauty o, ei”.