I’ve Slept With Over 900 Women Since I Became A Star – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Elfreda


Ghanaian dancehall artistes, Shatta Wale has talked about how he gets women chasing him instead of him chasing them, meaning bones are after do, instead of dogs going for bones.

The SM boss, in an interview with Captain Smart on Onua TV, opened up about his sex life.

According to him, he cannot count the number of ladies he has slept with.

Shatta Wale claimed that ever since he became a star, ladies have been always in his DMs. And house just to warm his bed for him.

When asked about the total number of ladies he has slept with so far because of his fame, Shatta initially asserted that they are over 900 and later added a billion to it.

The “Bullet Proof” hitmaker hilariously claimed that ladies see him as a very handsome guy, and they normally compare him to the late Michael Jackson and R Kelly hence they are always around him just to have a feel of his manhood.

Although Shatta Wale might have slept with a lot of ladies but the number of women he has bedded won’t be anything close to the 900 he’s bragging about.



Source: Thefiifi.com

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