Ghanaian Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale is on Local artist who travels outside just to shoot music videos.

According to him, they will travel out of Ghana to shoot music videos but will return with empty hands without getting anything.


The Shatta Movement boss made this statement on his verified Twitter handle, in which he said artists will purchase tickets and travel from Ghana to shoot but will come empty-handed.


He cited American rapper, Jay Z as an instance, To him, Jay Z doesn’t travel to shoot videos, he shoots in his area with what he has.


Shatta advised that artists in Ghana should think like businessmen and stop deceiving themselves. He also noted that he will stay in Ghana to make money.


It appears Shatta Wale does not want Ghanaian artists to travel from Ghana to shoot videos. Meanwhile, people say, he has shot a couple of videos outside Ghana. An example is Gringo which was not shot in Ghana and others. Shatta, weeks ago flew with Jupitar to Miami to shoot a “Star Life” music video.


On Twitter, Shatta Wale Wrote;

If I say Jay z then u bore ,
He shoots videos in his area with what he has

You dierrrr you want to buy ticket and travel to shoot and come back empty handed abi …🤣

Think like a businessman and stop deceiving your own self ..

We are here to make money my g …..

Well, Twitter users have reacted to this statement that came from Shatta Wale. People are saying they didn’t expect that to come from him. Others Mentioned “Gringo” if it was not shot outside Ghana.