Live Hub Entertainment Organizers To Sue Wizkid For His Absence At Accra Sports Stadium


Live Hub Entertainment, the organizers of the Wizkid Live Concert, has threatened court action against the Nigerian singer. For his failure to perform at the Accra Sports Stadium concert.

In an interview with TV3, the management of the event company said it intends to seek a refund for payments made to the musician following his refusal to fulfil his side of the bargain.

“We are considering going to court for a refund. We did what we could on our part to make sure he was okay,” management stated in an interview with TV3.

Social media, particularly Twitter, witnessed the disappointment, anger. And the frustration of the thousands of patrons who thronged the venue or monitored the event online.

The unfortunate turnout of events compelled netizens to think of possible reasons why Wizkid abandoned his fans at the stadium for several hours.

Some netizens identified that perhaps Wizkid was not paid in full, hence his decision to not show up on stage.

But the organizers disclosed that Wizkid was offered full payment in advance of the concert date.

“We paid him in full, paid for his stay at Kempinski Hotel, paid for his private jet among others,” management stated in an interview with TV3.

In a statement it issued, organizers affirmed that “Wizkid was paid in advance for his concert date. All of his expenses including his private jet flights, hotel presidential suite, security, vehicles, additional off-site accommodation.”



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