Lord Paper has responded to Bosom P-Yung for impeaching him for Taking his verse off from a song.

Traditional trap artiste, Bosom P-Yung impeached Lord Paper for the deletion of his verse. From a song he was supposed to be part of as a featured artist.

The “Atta Adwoa” hitmaker took to his Twitter account. And jabbed Lord Paper for deleting his verse from a song titled “Skin Pain”. Which featured KiDi.

According to him, he was supposed to be on the song but Lord Paper took off or deleted his verse from the song, without informing him.

If we will recall, Lord Paper teamed up with Bosom P-Yung on his ” Asabone” song. Which received attention and became a global song.

Afrobeat and High Life artist, Lord Paper has taken to his verified Twitter account and replied to Bosom P-Yung after he accused him of taking his verse off from the “Skin Pain” song.

He said, You get ma number, you fit hit me up and find out whatever you wan find out but you choose to come online and start some shi! SMH.