Moesha Hints On Going Back To Her Old Lifestyle


Repented slaying queen Moesha Budoung is seemingly giving up on her newfound love for Jesus as she has hinted at the need to make money as quickly as possible.

According to the former socialite in a self-recorded video, the new path she has chosen better pays like she used to get when she was swayed away by the world.

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It looks like Moesha after losing most of her endorsement deals and source of income after choosing to follow Jesus has other alternatives.

In the video below, Moesha mentioned that Jesus has directed her to make it snappy and start granting interviews and come on Instagram to slay like she used to do.

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She revealed that Jesus sent her 2000 cedis is not enough for her shopping, complaining that the 2000 cedis can’t do much about the hardship she’s going through


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