Highly Spiritual Record Label, Singer and Dancer, Mr Drew has successfully released his latest “Alpha” album with 12 tracklists.


This has brought juxtapositions between him and the Rockstar, Kuami Eugene among folks on the micro-blogging platform. Twitter, after the release of the album. However, Both artistes have stuff in common.

Thoughts, reactions and opinions have been shared by fans of the two artistes, who are both singers and dancers.

Fans of the two artistes dealt with their comments with comparison as to who is the best singer and who is the best when it comes to dancing.

This has kept Kuami Eugene trending on Twitter the whole of the day.

In other news, Kiami Eugene has renewed or extended his contract with Moblie phone makers, Itel Ghana for another year.


Read some of the comments from their fans below:


Who do you also think, Kuami Eugene and Mr Drew, who is the best singer and dancer?