My Boyfriend Never Gave Me Money – Lady Tells Why She’s Doing “Ashawo”

Some ladies have made it look like men are obliged to feed them all the time as soon they initiate romantic relationship. And it’s becoming a common thing.

Well, a Nigerian lady has talked about the reason she became a prostitute after her relationship expectation with her former boyfriend failed.

The unidentified lady said that her boyfriend’s stinginess resulted her as a whore a.k.a “Ashawo”. Because not even N100 was she given before since they started dating from eight months ago.

She also claimed that her man never bothered to know about her source of income, despite wearing new outfits every day.

According to the lady, though her man claimed to love her, he never gave her a penny. And because of her love for him she didn’t also ask for money.

Sharing her story online for advice, she wrote:

” Good morning Please I’m also seeking advice. I have a boyfriend Loved so much but now I’m just playing him because he doesn’t care about me.. we’ve been dating for 8 months now, and I haven’t eaten his 100 naira…I have never asked him for money, and he has never given me a dime.

He claims he loves me. I’m into hookup now which he is not aware of. He sees me in different outfits every day, he knows I don’t have a job and he has never asked me where I got the money from. He’s always asking me for money and Airtime…. Does that mean he’s also playing me?




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