In a relationship, there are things both partners are not supposed to do.

No matter how much you love a man or a woman. These are things you should never do all in the name of pleasing him or her.

As a man or woman, you have the responsibility to make your partner happy. But there should be a limit.

Never do these 8 things to please a man or woman you are in a union with:

1. Helping your man or woman to gain a stance in life without developing yourself first.

Being education, job, etc. Put your life into a good position so you get enough strength to help others.

2. Committing a crime for him or her in the name of love.

If you cannot sustain his or her flashy lifestyle, do not steal or do something stupid just to please him or her.

If he or she loves you for real, he or she will understand when you are broke and will not pressure you to sort out his/ her financial matters.

3. Compromise your needs for him or her.

Unless it’s really necessary, you should be a little bit selfish with yourself. You cannot afford to go hungry so that you can send him or her money to buy food. Is foolishness.

You can maybe share the little you have but never sacrifice all you got just to make him or her happy. You too have a life to live…

4. Forget your dream and visions

Before you met him or her, remember you had your dreams and aspirations. Do not stop chasing them just because he or she does not like what you do.

If you wanted to study abroad, the last thing you want to do is change your mind because he or she is not comfortable with it.

If he or she cannot wait, let him/her be but never stop pursuing your dreams to please a man or woman.

5. Disrespect your family 

Men or women can be so manipulative especially when they know you love them for sure and you can do anything to have them stay.

Some will try to show you how bad your family members are and draw you further from them.

If he or she ever leaves you, the only people you will have behind you is your family. So, never cut your family ties to make him or her happy

6.Things you do to please your creator 

If your relationship or marriage won’t u serve your creator in fullness never give dem. Remember judgment day awaits every human being.

7.Something that may let you lose your life 

We say love is blind but never let it kill you.
Remember if you are dead and gone your partner will marry a different person. There are certain sacrifices you need to reason before even try.

8. Making your partner know certain secrets about your life or family

Not everything your partner should know about u or your family. Don’t forget what happened to Samson. Certain things do not add or remove anything from the union. So keeping such things from your partner is never a problem. Even when God told Abraham to go and kill Isaac, he never informed Sarah. But it was between him and his God. Sarah would have prevented it from making Abraham’s Gods’ blessings.

Remember when some gets get to know all your weaknesses, he or she can use it against you in times of perplexities, misunderstanding, etc…