CEO of Black Avenue Music, D Black has shared his experience growing up from a broken home.

According to him, his parents didn’t want to hear him say he wants to do music growing up.

He said in a series of Tweets that he came from a regular and broken homes but he’s okay because his mum did her best for him. He also revealed his parents didn’t want to her him talk about his eagerness to do music.

They wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer after school.

We came from regular homes . Broken homes but we are ok. Moms did her best chale. I Remember soo well. But no 1 wanted to hear that ‘I wanna make music’ shit. It was go school & be a doctor or lawyer !! So man had to find his own way thru thick / thin. No one owes u nothing, he wrote.

He continued in another post and said its nobody’s responsibility to help you.

No one is obligated to ‘help you’. Your excuse should never be ‘no one is there to help’. That ‘help’ should be looked at as a bonus if & when it happens.We all served at the table called life. How u make it, is in your own hands. Your destiny is controlled by u & no 1 else.

Ending his last assertion on Twitter, he stated; So as u start ur day off 2day, just know that people. who have been in worse positions & circumstances than you,. Have made it in life and are successful in their own right. Cos they refused 2 give up & fought for their dreams to come true. So if they can,why not u? Go get it !

See his tweets below: