Obaapa Christy DJ’s At The 2022 Ghana DJ Awards Leaving Music Lovers And DJs In Awe


Music lovers and DJs who attended the prestigious 10th edition of the Ghana DJ Awards have been left perplexed since the ceremony took place.

The event which took place on the night of November 5 at the Silver. Star Tower saw amazing performances from DJs, dancers and musicians including sensational Ghanaian gospel artiste Obaaba Christy.

While all the artistes performed their songs with the assistance of their respective DJs, Obaapa. Christy used the night to showcase her DJing dexterity.

To the amazement of patrons of the event, Obaapa Christy stood behind the turntables, selected her own songs, and performed as a DJ and a singer.

She performed some of her notable songs including ‘W’ asue Me’ while Djing.

The enthusiastic crowd did not hold back from singing along. And dancing as Obaapa Christy took control of the stage.

It was evident that Obaapa Christy who was sharply dressed in a pair of jeans and a baggy T-shirt had a great time while entertaining the crowd.

Many internet users have showered praise on Obaapa for her consistent amazing stage craft.

The awards night ended with DJ Vyrusky being crowned as the Best DJ for the 5th consecutive time.

Check out the Video of Obaapa Christy’s performance below.




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