Rapper, Strongman has shared his opinion on Obibini and Amerado’s recent beef.

While in an interview on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpong Drive, last Thursday, he said , Amerado had to explain that the “Wudini”line in his Tim Westwood freestyle is was not directed at Obibini. And probably Obibini would have no reason to reply him with a diss song.

He said, “I like it when artistes are beefing, I actually enjoy it. But from my background as a ‘Mic Burner’,. If I were that close to Amerado, I wouldn’t have advised him to go into any beef with Obibini.

However if you say in an interview that, you never had Obibini in mind,. But if he thinks the line was for him he should reply in a song, he will also want to prove he is a rapper.

“Obibini would have been counted among female rappers in Ghana if he had not replied Amerado when he dared him,”.

Strongman could not mention the winner of Amerado-Obibini beef when asked. He said the two rappers are good.