7 years ago, On 6 July 2014, Theophilus Tagoe popularly known as Castro disappeared with Miss Janet Bandu at the Ada Estuary while on holiday.

Castro & Janet Bandu
Castro & Janet Bandu

According to Law, they two are declared ”.

The news of their disappearance took the whole of Ghana and fans of the musician across the world as a very big surprise.

After days of the search for the two, Castro and Janet, their bodies were not found. But the jet ski involved in the accident was recovered on the same day of their disappearance.


Well, Today, Tuesday, July 6, 2021, marks exactly seven (7) years since the two got missing without any sign of them being alive.

And as it stands, it is a day to declare them both officially dead by the law of the country.

According to Section 33 of Ghana’s Evidence Act, if a person has not been heard of for seven years despite diligent effort to find that person, he will be presumed dead.

Ghana’s Evidence Act, Section 33:

Section 33 of Act titled, ‘Death after seven years absence’, reads, “where a person has not been heard of for seven years despite diligent effort whether or not within that period, to find that person, that person is presumed to be dead. There is no presumption as to the particular time when that person died.”

Social media is flooded with photos of the legendary musician and his girlfriend as friends, colleagues in the music and entertainment, and fans worldwide show their respect in mourning him with their tributes.