Our Ungratefulness Collapsed Ruff N Smooth – Bullet


Bullet of the defunct music duo Ruff N Smooth, has revealed the the reason for the collapse of the musical group.

Bullet, who is now music executive disclosed that their group collapsed because of their ungratefulness to Bola Ray, their then manager.

Interview on Accra FM on the Ayekoo Ayekoo show, Bullet revealed that the group disrespected their former music producer Bola Ray who is now the Chief Executive Officer of EIB Networks.


“There’s a spirit that deals with [ungrateful] people” and this accounts for why artists experience failure when they “bang the door” behind them and leave their managers.

“I always say that the things Bola Ray has done for me, in my life, my father and no one else has done that for me. But at a point in time, we had to move on from him [and] instead of sitting with him and respectfully informing him that it was time for us to move. And ask for his blessing, we did not,” he narrated.

“We had met someone else and flippantly claiming we did not have a contract with Bola. We left,” Bullet revealed and noted the dark times that almost swiftly followed their unprofessional exit”.

“From that time, any song we worked on was not successful. Bola did not seek black magic against us, let’s be clear. It was not necessary for him to even do that. Nature and [principles] God has placed on the earth” were responsible, the singer and music executive stressed.


“I once had a dream that I had gone to Bola’s place to plead for forgiveness. And on the day I actually went to see him, the suit I saw him in in the dream was the same one he was wearing. When I went there, I held his leg and said, ‘Boss, I’ve messed up. Forgive me.’ I took my uncle along to say sorry.”

Bola, accepting the apology, said in response: “Etuo [Bullet’s former name], you’re my boy,” he revealed.

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