Former manager of songstress, Beeca has said that Patapaa’s biggest hit, “One Corner” is never a song. He has defined it.

While speaking as a panellists on ShowzAtoZ on Joy FM, in a song writing discussion, Mr Benson revealed that the “One Corner” hit from Patapaa would not be described as a song. But will define it as a popular piece.

In his comment, he asserted:

“I will define one corner by Patapaa as a popular piece but not a song”.

He also added that there deference between song and music. And that both are not the same

There is music and there’s a song. They are two different things. The fact that it’s popular doesn’t make it a song

Patapaa’s “One Corner” was one of the biggest song in Ghana years ago. Which crossed the borders of Ghana and became a global song.

This comment from the artist manager might not go on well with Patapaa. If he is to see or hear it.