Jay Baba, a Ghanaian Musician domiciled in the United States of America (USA), is calling on the media. To pay attention to Ghanaian musicians abroad.

According to the New York-based Highlife and Afropop Artiste, there are lots of good Ghanaian talents. Who are currently abroad but the media hardly pay attention to them.

He stated: “Here in the United States, for instance, there are a lot of good artistes who can compete anywhere in the world“.

Pay attention to the Ghana Music Awards USA and listen to some of the songs of the nominees, you’ll be impressed with their works. But the media in Ghana hardly play our songs at home,” Jay Baba told The Chronicle.

Listen to my songs like ‘African Girls,’ ‘Ayefor Dondo’ and ‘Pakus’ and you’ll understand the quality of music that we are churning out here. These songs can compete with any song across the world,” Jay Baba added.

How about a dedicated segment on all media platforms in Ghana to celebrate Ghanaian Musicians abroad? How about profiling us to your audience to let them know that. we are flying high the flag of Ghana abroad too?

The media should take this up as an agenda. Spice your airwaves and media spaces with artistes abroad. This does not only promote the artistes and their songs but also promote the Ghanaian culture too” Jay Baba admonished.

Real name Yahaya Alhassan, Jay Baba won at the just ended Ghana Music Awards U.S.A as; ‘The US Based Afro Pop Song of the Year’ with his African Girls song.

Check out his latest album Bazazzagi below.

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Source: Zeal Governor