New photos of the former member of the music trio Vision In Progress (VIP), Promzy have evoked wild reactions on Facebook and across other social media platforms.

While he was with the evergreen music group made up of other members, Abdul Hamid Ibrahim formerly known as Lazzy, now Zeal and Joseph Nana Ofori, known as Prodigal were the hottest music group not just in Ghana but in Africa.

He however left the group acrimoniously which paved the way for Hiplife founder. And pioneer Reggie Rockstone to for inauguration into the group after which they changed their name to VVIP.

They produced hit singles like ‘Selfie’, ‘Skolom’ and ‘Dogo Yaro.’

Announcing his intention of storming back, the Boogy Down Nima warlord made an assertive statement on Facebook. To register his persona in the face of all his fans. And music enthusiasts who have missed him.

He informed on; “Did y’all really thought I left? I was just warming up. @Promzyoriginall on I.g(follow your boy)PraaAAH#PIP coded#PROMZY.”

It’s an impression that Promzy is back for good and to stay.