Ghana’s most decorated rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, A.K.A Sarkodie has stated that he may take a break from music to study abroad.

Sarkodie revealed this during an interview on One Play Africa with Tilly Akua Nipa that he is to study law. He may take a break from music to pursue it.

He also explained it was something exciting to be a creative director for “The Ghana Party In The Park UK Festival”. He enjoyed it. And it was a new challenge because it was not his usual habit of work.

The SarkCess rapper said, he would love to further his education and take up a course in law. When asked if he would love to venture into academia as a new challenge.

He added that he selects law because of his desire to build his cognitive abilities and be equipped with information.

Tilly Akua Nipa, who interviewed Sarkodie, shared a video to the convo on YouTube.