Celebrated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has stated why he does not do remixes of his songs.

He explained that he doesn’t do remixes. Because a second take always loses the excitement and emotions he had with the first take.

Sarkodie disclosed while in a convo with Tilly Akua Nipaa on One Play Africa.

Sarkodie said, I don’t do remixes for my songs because usually if I do the first take, I can’t do it again”. 

The most decorated rapper also revealed Some High Moments With His Team. The SarkCess boss said, “My Friends and I are Trolls”. Sark in this conversation with Tilly Akua Nipaa continually made interesting revelations about himself, his team. And his work and how he has been able to stay relevant and consistent for a decade.

Making more revelations, Sarkodie said that he and his friends are trolls. To him unlike how people perceive him, he likes to have a lot of fun with his team, they laugh a lot, troll each other. That is one of the high moments with his team that he cherishes.

Also in the interview, Sarkodie said that he is yet to shoot a video that he would rate 100%. He has a liking for technicalities although he doesn’t have the know-how to materialize exactly what he wants.

He said he is keen on getting the right angle, right shot and is yet to see something he would rate 100.

Explaining, he said that “I’m very particular when it comes to shots, the only thing is I don’t have the technical ability to tell somebody or a photographer this is exactly what I want but I have it here( in mind).

This convo between Tilly Akua Nipaa and Sarkodie was shared on One Play Africa’s YouTube page.