Second Wife Gets Husband Killed For Spending More Time With The First Wife


A woman, Chandra Kala, has been arrested in connection with the murder of her husband in Delhi, India.

The accused allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband for spending more time with his first wife.

She gave Rs 1.5 lakh to the hitman identified as Jumman, to kill her husband and made an attempt to make this murder look like a loot.

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According to local media, on May 18, police received a PCR call about a body being found in a pool of blood in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar, following which an investigation was launched. The victim was identified as Veer Bahadur Sharma (50).

A preliminary police probe revealed that Bahadur was already married and this led to frequent fights between Chandra Kala and the victim.

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When the police questioned the victim’s wife, she told the police that a few miscreants had barged into their house and brutally thrashed him. She even alleged that the goons decamped with gold and jewellery.

However, the police grew suspicious as Chandra Kala changed her statements multiple times to mislead the police.

Police scanned various CCTV footage and in one of the clips they noticed a history sheeter Jumman roaming in the area.

Police analysed the call record details which further revealed that Jumman and Chandra Kala were in constant touch with each other over phone calls.

After the details came to the fore, police arrested the woman who confessed to her crime. The accused told the police; “I used to work as a sales woman at his garment shop and he used to harass me. I stayed quiet because I needed that job and, despite knowing the fact that Bahadur was married, I tied the knot with him.”

She added, “We have two kids but Bahadur used to spend more time with his first wife. Later on, I also came to know that he had extra-marital relationships with other women. He even tried to woo my younger sister.

During the same time, she met another woman working at the shop named Nagris. Nagris told Chandra Kala that her brother Jumman is a criminal and is out of jail and he would be able to help her to kill her husband.

On May 17, Jumman entered the victim’s house with a hammer and attacked Bahadur twice and he died on the spot. Chandra Kala gave Rs 50,000 cash and jewellery to Jumman to make this murder look like a loot.


Police have now arrested both the accused and also recovered cash and jewellery from their possession.

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