Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has threatened to go on the boxing ring with the CEO of North Production, David Nicole Sey to dirty themselves.


Shatta Wale threatened to beat the North production CEO personally for insulted and called him ” Empty Headed”, if he(David) does not retract his comment.


Shatta Wale and David clashed after the CEO of North Production asserted that the main reason. Why the Ghana Music Industry is failing is because of Shatta Wale. He accused the dancehall artiste of the failure of the entertainment industry.


This comment from David Nicol comes after Shatta Wale took to his Snapchat story earlier saying that some music video directors are shooting videos to compete. With International stars like Jay Z meanwhile, he has been making his money through the same videos some describe to be poorly programmed.


Reacting to the post of Shatta Wale, David described the artiste as an empty barrel. And the reason why the industry is failing. Shatta Wale however warned David and asked David to retract his comment.


Shatta Wale took to his Twitter page to threatened David. He has said that he will beat him up for insulting him and the worst was to report him to the police.


He tweeted, “David ni co, I will beat u personally for insulting me so go report to police cuz I will beat u …the worse is arrest too gangster if u care to know. I never know u to insult me but from afar u did ur best ..Don’t let us meet me, I will beat u”.